Sep 4, 2015

Management policies and timber cut levels on Maine’s state-managed public lands has been a domain of  insiders, specialists and policy wonks and received little public attention.  They are now on the front pages.  How did these issues get there?  Not by environmental protests, lawsuits, or industry discontent, but by moves by a change-minded governor to micromanage and rebuild state programs according to his own notions of how things should be done.

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The story’s many strands defy a quick summary, but here is a starter list of things you might want to look to for information.

Maine Public Lands Issues 2015


Maine’s Public Land Timber Controversies

List of Information Resources

This note is intended as a short primer and cannot fully discuss all issues. If you need to drill deeper, here are some places to start:

Lloyd C. Irland, “Maine’s Public Lands — How can the revenues be used?,  How much timber should be cut? Do we need to change how they are managed?   Unpublished paper, Sep 4, 2015.  Irland Group, Wayne, Maine  13 pp.

Bangor Daily News, Editorial.  “Maine can’t cut more trees from its public forests on a whim”    Aug 14, 2015.

BPL 2000.  Integrated Resource Policy.

BPL  2014 Lands Annual Report

Department of Conservation, June 10, 2015.  “Re-inventory shows Maine Public lands under harvested”   Augusta.  Includes letter from E. Bowling of Sewall Company analyzing inventory data.

“Public lands caught in vise” Central Maine Newspapers, Mar 22, 2015, p. B4

Maine Forest Products Council Newsletter Mar 19 summarizes a number of stories including one on the Committee hearing.

Christine Parrish, Logjam – questions arise about over-cutting timber on Maine’s public lands.

Story (source misplaced)  Jan 29, 2015.

Forest Guild. June 15, 2015.  Forest Guild Statement on Maine Forest Policy.

Irland and Barringer, 2015.  “In land we trust” Maine Sunday Telegram May 3d.  Insight section p. D-1.

Irland, “Policies for Maine’s public lands: a long-term view,” In: Maine Choices, 1999.  Augusta: Maine Center on Economic Policy.  pp. 7-21.

Opinion of the Attorney General. 1992.  1992 Me. AG LEXIS 7.

Opinion of the Justices.  308 A 2d 253 (1973) decided June 21, 1973.

Kevin Miller,  “Panel guts LePage’s timber harvest plan”. Kennebec Journal,  Apr 18, 2105,  p. 1.

KJ Staff,  “Saviello, Hickman, named  co-chairmen of land management fund commission”.  Kennebec Journal, Aug 27.

NRCM.  5.7.2015.  “Public lands income. Operating expenses, and account balances”.  Augusta.   Financial data from 2010 to 2014.

Sherwood, D. Assessing Maine’s certified sustainable harvest.  Seymoursherwood13full.pdf.

A good newsclip file is on the Facebook Page of the Friends of Maine’s Public Lands.



Irland Group Sep 4, 2015.

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