Lloyd C. Irland



The Irland Group                                                         Birthdate:November 4, 1946

174 Lord Road                                                           Chicago,Illinois

Wayne, Maine  04284                                                  Married, 4 Children

4 grandchildren


Wayne home and office            (207) 685-9613


Mobile:                                     (207) 446-3682





January 1987 to present

Founder and President, The Irland Group.  Forestry, Economics, and Marketing Consulting Firm.  (Published Eastern Quotes & Comments and Engineered Lumber Trends until Summer 2002).


Fall 2003-2011   Lecturer and Senior research Scientist, Yale School of Forestry &                      Environmental Studies (fall term)  (appointment ended June 2011)


March 2008        Fulbright Senior Specialist Program, lecture and study trip toUkraine, National Agr. Univ., Kyiv, and National Forestry University, Lviv.


June, July 2006  Visiting Research Professor,  ENGREF,Nancy,France


1981-1986          State Economist, State Planning Office.  Participated in a ten-year state economic forecast project, and prepared a detailed study of natural resources inMaine’s economy.  Carried out staff studies for Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Education.


1979-1981          Director, Maine Bureau of Public Lands.  Responsible for management of 250,000 forested acres, plus tidelands and islands.


1976-1979          Forest Insect Manager, Maine Forest Service.  Responsible for all spruce budworm control programs, including spraying, research, and environmental monitoring.


1973-1976          Assistant Professor, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.


1972-1973          Associate Economist, US Forest Service, New Orleans, Louisiana, Southern Forest Experiment Station.


Fall, 1968 &       Staff Economist, Chicago Board of Trade.  Conducted feasibility studies for

Summer, 1970    a futures market in plywood.


Bachelor of Science, Michigan State University, 1967.

Master of Science, University of Arizona, 1968.

Ph.D. Yale University, 1973.




US Army, enlisted ranks, 1968-1970.  Served in Vietnam.



– Distinguished Service Award, New England SAF, 1997.

– Elected Fellow of the Society of American Foresters, 1997.

– Fulbright Senior Scholar roster,  Dec. 2007.

Visit to Ukraine, March, 2008.


– Registered Professional Forester in the State ofMaine(#187).

– Member, American Economic Association, 1970s to 2013

– Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science.

– Member, Society of American Foresters.

– Chairman, Economics, Policy, and Law Working Group, Society of American Foresters, 1985-1986.

– Member, SAF National Task Force onFederalForestTaxation, 1985-1987.

– Member, SAF Policy Committee, January 1990 to December 1992.

-Chair,MaineDivision,New EnglandSociety of American Foresters, 1992.

– Member, SAF National Convention Program Committee, 1992-1995.

– Member, SAF  Accreditation Team for Oregon State University, 2011.

– Member of two committees assisting with forestry section of National Assessment of Climate Change Impacts (National Socio-Economic Impacts and Northeastern Regional Assessment).

– Member of committee preparing Historical Atlas of Maine (economic history and natural resources).  This Atlas is scheduled for publication by University Press of New England in 2013.

– Member, Study Panel on Block Grants for USDA Cooperative Forestry Programs, Pinchot Institute, 2000-2001.

– Chair, Voluntary Oversight Panel,MaineSFIProgram.

– Steering Committee,BlaineHouse Conference on Natural Resources, 2003-2004.

– Assisted in editing revised SAF Ethics Discussion Guide, 2002.

– Steering Committee,Northern ForestBiomass Initiative (2006)

–  Board of Advisors, New EnglandForestry Foundation;  Member, Strategic Planning TF, 2007-2008.


Advisory Board, Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting,  University of Rhode Island. Spring 2012 to present.





Planning Board, Town of Belgrade, 1982-1986.

Cubmaster, Pack 688, BSA, Wayne, Maine, 1990-1995.

Assistant Coach, Wayne Youth Soccer and Baseball Programs.

Corporator, Kennebec Land Trust.

Vice President and President, Pocasset Lake Association, 1990-1992.

HostedAFSexchange students, December 1999 to July 2000 and August 2002 to July 2003.

Co-Chair, Wayne Conservation Commission, July 2002 to present.

Treasurer, 30 Mile River Watershed Association, 2008.

Principal Speaker,  Wayne Memorial Day Observance, May 2010.

Vice chair, Wayne Comprehensive Plan Coimmittee






Member, Governor’s Advisory Council on International Trade, 1996.

Member, Advisory Committee to Congestion Pricing Study, Maine Turnpike Authority, 1996.

Member, Speaker’s Advisory Council onForestCertification, Fall 2001.

BlaineHouse Conference Steering Committee (2003)  and Implementation Committee (to 2006)





Univ. of Maine, Orono                             Faculty Associate, College of Forest Resources, 1977 to date.


Univ.ofSouthern Maine,Portland          Intermediate Microeconomics (2 occasions)


ColbyCollege,Waterville,ME                Environmental Economics (Workshop onMaineEnvironment and Natural Resources)


AntiochGraduateSchoolof New            GreaterYellowstoneEcosystem: A Case in

England(Summer ’91),Keene,NH          Environmental Economics (short course)


Univ. of Southern Maine, Portland          Natural Resources in the Northeastern Borderlands (co-instructor) several occasions, incl. Spring 2000


Univ.ofMaine, Orono                            ForestPolicy, FTY 446, Spring 2000


ColbyCollege                                           Principles of Microeconomics, Fall 2001


Univ.ofMaine,Farmington                     Land Use (GEO240), Fall 2002.


Yale SF&ES                                             Forest Finance, Fall 2003 – 2010

Orientation to Professional Ethics, Fall 2004-2009

Workshop on professional ethics.  Annually.

Co-taught Workshop on Native American Natural Resources and Cultural Values, 2008 and 2010.


TERIUniversity                                       2 Week intensive course to grad students

For credit on Professional ethics Feb-March 2009

College of the Atlantic                        Fall 2011,  New England Forest History and Policy.




Have refereed manuscripts for TAPPI, Journal of Forestry, Forest Products Journal, Forest History, Environmental Management, Forest Science, Forest Ecology and Management, Journal of Sustainable Forestry, Wildlife Society Bulletin, Environment and Planning A, Journal of Environmental Management, BioScience, Canadian Journal of Forest Research, Forest Policy and Economics,  ReAD, and Maine Naturalist.

Advisory Board, Univ. of Maine, Canadian-American Center Public Policy Occasional Paper Series.

Associate Editor, Northern Journal of Applied Forestry, 1984-1991 (was one of the founders of this journal).

Editorial Board, Maine Policy Review, 1995 to 2008.

Editorial Board, Journal of Sustainable Forestry.

Guest Editor, 3 issues of TERI journal Resources, Energy and Development.  Final one, Fall 2011, on Forests of South Asia.

Guest Editor, special issue of Environmental Practice on professional ethics.   Summer 2012.  Issue forthcoming.

Have performed prepublication review of book manuscripts for several publishers.

Peer review panel, AIBS – for National Council on Science for Sustainable Forestry research program (two years).


Have served as invited peer reviewer for consultants on 2 Endangered Species Act Habitat Designation economic impacts studies.


Peer review panel for Dept of Defense Strategic Environmental Research
and Development Program’s (SERDP) program: rating proposals on forest carbon research for management practices on DOD bases. (2010)


Irland, “Wood producers face green marketing era.”  Wood Technology,March/April 1993.


*Irland, “ Developing markets for certified wood products: greening the market for construction materials.”  Jour. Industrial Ecology.  vol 11.(1)1-16.  2007.


Peer Reviewer, Seven Islands Land Company Certification, 1994.                                     900,000

Team Member, 1999SevenIslandsRe-certification.                                                                       “


Peer reviewer,  Baskahegan Co.   2006                                                                               100,000


Team Member, J. D. Irving, Ltd. Black Book Lands, 1997-1999                                         500,000


Team Member, J. D. Irving, Ltd. Allagash Timberlands, 1999-2000                                    569,000


Team Member,PennsylvaniaBureau of Forestry, 1997-1998                                            2,300,000


Auditor, Menominee TribalEnterprise, 1997                                                                        200,000

Reviewer, Draft Maritimes Regional Standards for FSC Regional Office, 1997


Peer reviewer, report onSFIsystem, for National Fish & Wildlife Foundation.

GAP Analysis review of private property, November 1999                                             400,000 A.

Chair,MaineSFIVoluntary Oversight Panel, 1999 to 2004.


Member, Speaker’s Advisory Council onForestCertification, Fall 2001.


Conducted Market Audit of Northeast US certified wood market for CFPC.


Selected Presentations on Certification

Wood Technology Conference & Show,Portland,Oregon           March 1999

National Forest Ecology Workshop,Orono,Maine                        July 1999

National Association of State Foresters,Williamsburg,                  November 1999


MaineBusiness for Social Responsibility                                       April 2000

Discussion on certification, private company                                  September 2000

Consultative Group on Biodiversity, Wye,Maryland                    June 2001

PLCM, FRA,Orono,Maine                                                           Spring 2002

Green Purchasing Conference, Bar Harbor,Maine                         September, 2002

Internal seminar, Lab. of Forest Econ., ENGREF,

Nancy,France                                                             June 2006

TERIUniversity                                                                              March 2007

Nanjing Forestry University,China                                               Nov. 2007

Training on certification for timber investors (investor conf)         Nov 2008

Presentation, environmental auditing, DUFE, Dalian PRC            Dec  2008




Irland, Professional Ethics for Natural Resource and Environmental Management: a primer.  New Haven Yale SF&ES book series. 208 pp.  electron. published.  Fall 2007.


Irland, The Northeast’s Changing Forest. HarvardForest,Petersham,MA (dist. byHarvardUniv. Press).  1999.  427 pp.


Irland (ed.), Ethics in Forestry.  Timber Press,Portland,OR.  1994.  458 pp.  (A readings volume.)


Irland, Dimond, Baum, Falk, and Stone.  1988.  The Spruce Budworm Outbreak in Maine in the 1970’s — Assessment and Directions for the Future.  Orono:University ofMaine Agr. Exp. Sta. Bull. 819.  119 pp.


Irland, Wildlands and Woodlots. Hanover: University Press ofNew England.  1982.  217 pp.


Irland, Wilderness Economics and Policy. Lexington,MA: Heath-Lexington.  1979.  225 pp.


Irland (ed.), Manpower–Forest Industry’s Key Resource.  Papers of the 39th Industrial Forestry Seminar. New Haven:YaleSchool of Forestry and Environmental Studies Bulletin No. 86.  1975.  242 pp.


Irland, Is Timber Scarce?  The Economics of a Renewable Resource. New Haven:YaleSchool of Forestry and Environmental Studies Bulletin No. 83.  1974.  97 pp.


Irland, Land,Timber and Recreation in Maine’s Northwoods.  Orono:Univ. ofMaine Agr. Exp. Sta. Misc. Publ. 730.  81 pp.


Irland, et al. eds.  2006.  Long-term silvicultural and ecological studies: results for science           and management.  Yale School of F&ES, Global Institute of Sustainable Forestry. Res. Pap. 005. 245 pp.


Camp, Irland, and C J W. Carroll .  Long-term silvicultural and ecological studies: results for science and management. Vol 2.  Yale School of F&ES, Global Institute of Sustainable Forestry. Res. Pap.   013.  194 pp.   (author or junior author of 3 contributions in this volume)