About Us

Areas of special interest to us include:

  • Climate change assessment and carbon markets.
  • Stumpage price analysis, supply assessment, and outlook work.
  • Assessing current industry market trends, especially in less well-covered niches such as
    • specialty lumber grades, value added items, biomass, and mulch markets.
  • Environmental Certification, including FSC auditing, readiness audits, and related evaluations of management programs.
  • Public policy analysis, including trade issues.
  • Economic impact assessments on mills or public policies
  • Strategic assessment of industry trends and outlook.
  • Assessments of trends in land use and landownership.
  • Due diligence on wood-fired powerplant transactions.
  • Due diligence and analysis concerning timberland investments

We set up project teams with outside associates to match the needs of a specific project.

Over the years, much of our work has been in the northeast, Lake States, and Eastern Canada, with occasional projects for national groups and in other regions.